If the Power Goes Out Don’t be Left in the Dark

StormHouseUseGenerators are not something people think about on a daily basis. However, with news reports of powerful storms battering various areas of the country, and the fact that hurricane season is here, more and more people are realizing just how valuable generators can be. Portable generators as well as stationary standby generators have become must-have items for many homeowners.

Many portable generators provide temporary power by using a fossil-based fuel, such as unleaded gasoline, and tend to range in power from 500 watts to 17.5 kW. In a portable generator, the motor is typically housed on a metal frame with wheels to move the generator where needed – generally in an outdoor location to be safe. Once fired up, the generator converts the power produced by the motor into electrical current that can supply many of the devices in a home by way of extension cords plugged into the generator. Homeowners need to frequently fill up the fuel tank if they plan to run the generator around the clock.

Alternatively, many people find the cost of a standby generator well worth it to maintain reliable power in the event of an outage or emergency.

A standby generator can be attributed to a heavy-duty car engine, complete with a radiator, gas tank and an alternator that generates power. The entire setup is contained in a weather-proof box, which is connected to the main fuse box of the home by a cable. When power is lost from the electric wires outside of a home, the generator senses it and starts up, all the while blocking any power from the electric lines from the power station to prevent a feedback of power. The standby generator is only hooked up to specific fuses in the fuse box to run certain outlets or appliances in the home.

Hospitals and retail businesses often have standby generators installed on their buildings to automatically switch over to this power source should the electrical grid go down. Homeowners are looking to these devices to offer standby power as well. They not only want the comfort of light, the ability to cook warm food, but also a way to keep electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets charged.

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